Note: This page refers to a now obsolete version of Maxima. The new version, to which I contributed many changes, now has fully functional tensor support.

The TENSOR packages in GPL MAXIMA appear to work well, but the usage instructions are not correct.

  1. To load the ITENSR package, type LOAD("itensor.lisp").
  2. The ITENSR package does not correctly display indices; instead of a blank character, a forward slash appears. The solution is to locate in itensor.lisp the function definition for SPLICE1 and replace '/ with (CHARACTER 32).
  3. The ITENSR package contains a bug that prevents the SHOW function from working more than once. To make SHOW work again, enter the following command: DISPFLAG:TRUE. Alternatively, you can edit itensor.lisp: in the function $SHOW, locate and remove the expression (setq $DISPFLAG nil).
  4. To load the CTENSR package, type LOAD("ctensr.mac").
  5. The CTENSR package does not appear to be compatible with xmaxima. Its prompts do not appear on the screen. However, the package works well from the command line, in plain maxima.