Miscellaneous writings

OK, so I have too much time on my hands. Or it's a case of a compulsive disorder, and I just can't stop writing about all sorts of things I know too little about. Before my Day Book, I put my ramblings on my Web site. I no longer do that, but I still occasionally place articles here, in English and Hungarian.

I am using this page to collect links to research papers that offer especially important information about COVID-19.

My maternal grandfather, József Sztojka, was an architect.

I recently came across a piece of delightful retro-futurism: a 55-year old slide show produced in Hungary, depicting the journey of a young student to the Moon in the year 2111...

The sweetest kitty cat my wife and I have ever known, our beloved cat Szürke, passed away late at night on August 8, 2014.

Ever since the official announcement by Dennis Tito that he is planning a privately financed manned Mars flyby in 2018, whenever I catch a glimpse of the SpaceX capsule on television or on the Internet, my heart beats just a little faster.

I served as a conscript in the Hungarian People's Army in 1981, at the tender age of 18, as a lowly private.

Marzipan, our first cat, died on the day of the botched 2000 US elections.

I hate travel. But I loved this 8000-mile trip across the continental United States.


Back in the 1990s, I was skeptical about this newfangled concept, "Web 2.0". It's just as stupid as interactive television, I said. Most people are consumers of information, very few will want to produce content.

I should have known better. Even as I uttered this opinion, I was already putting ramblings on my Web site. I continued this practice for several years, until finally, I started blogging in earnest, first using a monster Web page for this purpose, which I later automated using homebrew logging software (I finally switched to WordPress in 2008.)

I spent most of my adult life in Canada, so even though I'll never get rid of my accent, English often comes more naturally to me than my mother tongue. Nonetheless, there are a few things, mostly personal, that I write about in Hungarian.

Felnőtt életem legnagyobb részét Kanadában éltem le, így van az hogy habár az akcentusomat sosem fogom elveszíteni, sokszor könnyebben fejezem ki magam angolul mint az anyanyelvemen. Mindenesetre akad néhány, leginkább személyes téma, melyről magyarul írok.