I recently attempted to install Windows 2000 on my dual processor SuperMicro P6DLF motherboard. Unfortunately, Windows 2000 Setup failed consistently with an INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE error message. Windows XP failed also. If I tried to set up Windows 2000 from a DOS partition instead of a bootable CD-ROM, Windows 2000 Setup complained that it cannot find a keyboard attached to my computer.

A footnote on a SuperMicro support Web page solved my problem: it mentioned that ACPI under Windows 2000 is supported only on SuperMicro's 440BX and 440DX chipset motherboards. The P6DLF is a motherboard based on the 440LX chipset. Turning off ACPI mode in the motherboard BIOS allowed Windows 2000 Setup to complete without a hitch.