Custom Application Suite

In the mid-1990s, I worked as a consultant for Bell Canada on several occasions. I also participated in the conceptual development of a network testing and management system (NTMS). While NTMS never got beyond a non-functioning prototype stage, I did end up building a client-server test suite that automated telecommunication circuit testing. To the best of my knowledge, the software was still in use nearly 15 years later. This suite was capable of communicating with Alcatel 1631, Lucent DACS II and DACS IV, and Nortel DNX-100 digital cross-connect switching systems. While it lacked a fancy graphical user interface, it did allow interactive and scripted control of test circuits and concurrent testing by several users. The application was written in C++ and ran on Linux or HP-UX platforms.

The graphical NTMS prototype that is pictured here was written in Microsoft Visual C++ and ran on Windows NT (both Intel and MIPS platforms).