I use my Windows desktop in a certain way: most windows that I routinely use have their own, fixed position on my desktop. For instance, my ATI TV viewer is in the upper right corner, while a DOS window that I always keep open is in the lower left. I also prefer to keep my Internet Explorer window in the same place, even when I have multiple browser windows open. Which is why I found one change (introduced, I think, first in IE5) particularly annoying: in this version, when IE opened additional windows, these always appeared at a set displacement relative to the first window. Worse yet, sometimes even after closing all IE windows, when I reopened IE, the new window appeared in the wrong position.

Well, it does so no longer: it appears I've found a solution that is also relatively free of side effects. Since I am using Windows NT, I can manipulate the permissions on Registry keys. Specifically, I was able to change the permissions for HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main to read-only; IE isn't complaining about its inability to update this portion of the Registry, and the windows now always appear at the preferred position (i.e., the position last saved under this key before I changed permissions.)