Custom Application Suite

NORTEC H.E.L.P. is a multimedia application suite developed for NORTEC Industries. The purpose of this suite is twofold: first, to provide a multimedia catalog (with optional pricing module) for NORTEC's customers, and second, to provide a load sizing application where humidification projects can be evaluated.

Nortec Explorer

The answer to the first requirement is the NORTEC Explorer: a Windows Explorer-style application that provides a hierarchical view of NORTEC's product line.

A more complex component is the Engineering Binder. This application provides a series of screens where users can enter the parameters of a humidification system and view calculated results. For instance, the screenshot below demonstrates the zone schematic page, where the basic type of the air conditioning system can be selected and some fundamental parameters can be entered.

Nortec Binder

The Engineering Binder also contains many useful utilities, such as the ability to display a psychrometric chart. This chart represents the relationship between the various physical properties of moist air. The two independent variables: temperature (horizontal axis) and humidity ratio (vertical axis) determine the values of the wet bulb temperature, relative humidity, enthalpy, and specific volume.

Nortec Binder

The Engineering Binder is also integrated with the product database; after project parameters are derived, it is possible to select matching items from the product line with relative ease, and create quotations, ordering lists, and other forms of output.