M.U.DInteractive Multi-user Application

M.U.D is, of course, the acronym for the world's first multiplayer computer game: Multi-User Dungeon. Developed in the late 1970s at Essex University, England, it remained very popular throughout the years. At CompuServe, it had a loyal following until the end of 1999, when their version of the game was taken off-line due to alleged Y2K incompatibilities. The original game code requires an obsolete operating environment to run. However, in what MUD's author described as a "marathon programming binge" (over 14,000 lines of C++ code in less than two weeks), I created a modern implementation that faithfully reproduces the original game (including most of its charming bugs.) This version has been running at http://www.british-legends.com/ since early 2000. My port is considered to be of some historical significance. It is archived by Stanford University's Library, where it can be viewed as part of the Library's Special Collections.