Management Consulting

While working with RES, I was invited to participate in the early stages of the development of a records and document management at National Defence. The project was large-ish by the standards of the day (up to 1 TB of data - this was in 1997, when hard drives still cost over $100 per gigabyte).

This surviving screen mockup provides an idea of the kind of application that we envisioned: 

I spent several months working on this project, writing or providing significant contributions to its Statement of Requirements, the Statement of Work that formed the core part of the tender package, and many annexes. I had a chance to work with some really interesting people, including a young American officer who was temporarily assigned to Canada under a NATO officer exchange program.

To the best of my knowledge, the project was successfully completed. I do not know how it unfolded after our assignment ended, but I certainly hope that our contribution was helpful.