Windows CE Task Manager

The Windows CE Task Manager is a utility application similar to the Task Manager found in desktop versions of Windows. I was motivated to develop this tool because I have grown accustomed to being able to monitor my system's usage, and being able to identify and shut down non-responding applications with ease.

Task Manager in the taskbarThe Windows CE Task Manager has the following features:

  • Applications window show all top-level windows
  • Processes window shows all (system and user) programs running on the system
  • Performance window shows memory and processor usage
  • Taskbar icon displays processor usage at all times
  • Can be used to monitor and shut down individual programs and processes

Please note that this application is designed for the Handheld PC specifications, and will NOT run on a Pocket PC like the Compaq iPAQ.

Version provides minor fixes, including a fix for a problem reported on some platforms where the Task Manager always reported 100% CPU utilization.

A newly compiled version (no changes in functionality) is now available (see below) for Windows CE 5.0 (and later) devices.

NEWRich Haley over at gave a very nice review of several task managers, expressing a clear preference for my product. Rich also reports that he was able to use my Task Manager on a variety of devices using versions of Windows CE ranging from 2.11 to 6, albeit in some cases, he had to find and manually install a compatible version of toolhelp.dll.

Installation Instructions

The Windows CE Task Manager package can be downloaded is available in several forms. For Windows CE 3.0 and compatible devices with the ARM CPU, a full installer is provided that is designed to run on a companion PC and install the application via ActiveSync. For convenience, an individual CAB file that can be installed directly on the target device are offered as an alternative. Furthermore, a statically linked version (for devices missing the system file mfcce300.dll) can also be downloaded. For other devices, direct downloads of the program executable are available (no installer, just copy and run on the device).

Windows CE Task Manager is a commercial application. The unregistered version has certain functions (most notably, the ability to terminate processes and tasks) disabled. Registration costs USD 14.95. Once you register Windows CE Task Manager, you'll receive an unlock key in e-mail that will enable full functionality of the application.

Registration fees are accepted via PAYPAL. Click on the PAYPAL logo below to send payment:



Once a license key is issued, the registration fee is not refundable.


Please note that a keyboard or equivalent device is required in order to enter the registration code. Alternatively, if you can edit the Registry on the target device, please refer to the instructions at the bottom of this page.


If you'd like to purchase a registration key for the Windows CE Task Manager but are unable or unwilling to use PAYPAL, or if you'd like to inquire about site or volume licensing options, please send an e-mail to for assistance.


Windows CE Task Manager is a Windows CE application that requires Windows CE 3.0 or later. It has been developed using the HP Jornada 720, but has since been tested on a few other Windows CE devices. You are welcome to try this application on other machines, but success is not guaranteed. Your reports indicating success or failure to install this product on other platforms would be much appreciated: please e-mail

A keyboard or equivalent device is required in order to enter the license key. Alternatively, it is possible to enter a license key if your device lacks a keyboard but you have the ability to edit its Registry or execute a file containing Registry entries. After you receive your license key, add the following Registry entries on the device:

"ProductKey"=dword:1234abcd      <--- REPLACE WITH YOUR REGISTRATION KEY (8 hexadecimal digits)

To emphasize, these are registry entries on the target Windows CE device, not on any host (desktop, laptop) computer to which the device may be connected.